The Post-truth business: How to rebuild brand authenticity in a distrusting world

Sean Pillot de Chenecey new book reveals how businesses can operate in a post-truth world riddled with fake news

The Post-truth business: How to rebuild brand authenticity in a distrusting world

With fake news flowing freely around and people rationalising post-truth in politics and media, it’s never been a better time for business owners to consider the image of their brand. As the author of the The Post-Truth Business suggests, there’s a special interconnection between the current political situation both in the UK and US, media coverage and the leadership of  international businesses. While good marketing can spread the word of your business, it’s authenticity that makes it last.

With over 20 years of experience in brand consultancy and a touch of ethnographic research in EU, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia and America, Chenecey brings to the foreground the immense power of trust in every aspect of your business. He explains the meaning of alternative culture and post-truth for your company and how to turn this uncertainty into your own asset.

Combining the author’s broad range of experience with a handful of insights by some experts, this reading invites you to open your eyes to a well-researched, deeper and different perspective of business leadership and management. The book is accentuating the most simplistic yet positive ways to strengthen your brand – transparency, respect of privacy, empathy and trustworthiness. Think less is more? This book is a must-read for any entrepreneur willing to win by seizing the opportunity.

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Yoana Cholteeva
Yoana Cholteeva

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