The Global Woman Club

The Global Woman Club, stemming from Mirela Sula's vision, has become a hub for women worldwide, attracting leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals from various fields.

These members share a dedication to supporting and investing in women’s success, fostering a community driven by empowerment and mutual growth.

Global Woman Club has now become a big movement around the world to help women find their voice. The club’s mission is built on ten pillars:

  • Helping women to find their purpose.
  • Enhancing confidence and financial empowerment .
  • Learning public speaking.
  • Guidance on becoming a published author.
  • Strategies to start and scale businesses.
  • Learning digital and online strategies 
  • Expanding to a global audience.
  • Cultivating meaningful connections.
  • Providing a safe, secure community.

With a focus on personal and professional development, the Global Woman Club hosts monthly Masterminds & Networking events in London and worldwide, creating a supportive environment for women to learn, grow, and connect.

Global Woman Club is a movement empowering women to find their voice and succeed in their life by building confidence and financial freedom. For more information, visit