City of London

Small and medium-sized enterprises are significant contributors to the wider UK economy and within the City, driving growth and employment.

In fact, SMEs make up over 98% of all businesses within the Square Mile. The City of London Corporation is committed to encouraging and supporting enterprise and small business growth within the Square Mile, its neighbouring boroughs and throughout the UK.

City Corporation offer a wide range of support for businesses:

The Small Business Research and Enterprise Centre is the front door for all small businesses looking for information on how to start or grow their business. Their team of Business Advisers can help you understand how specialist business data and market research can lead your business to success. They also offer a range of workshops, webinars and networking events to elevate your personal and business journey.

The Heart of the City believe every business can be a force for good. Having worked with over 1000 businesses, they know what a responsible business looks like, making it easier for leaders and business owner to kickstart their responsible business journey through expert mentors, workshops, masterclasses and webinars. 

The City Corporation SME support also extends to service-based support from advice on accessing finance and helping firms to find suitable premises, sustainable and local procurement, and contingency planning processes. For more information visit