The Circular Business Revolution

A practical framework for sustainable business models by Julia Binder and Manuel Braun

The Circular Business Revolution

Business leaders across many different industries will feel like the threats of environmental problems are ever increasing, so taking time out to think about new ways of doing business can be both refreshing and invaluable.

This new book, The Circular Business Revolution, will serve as your expert guide to leading through the transition from the linear, ‘take-make-waste’ approach of years gone by to a business model that is circular, innovative, resilient and profitable.  

The back-to-basics approach of the early chapters enables you to discover and assess your business’ readiness, with the latter stages providing a framework for transforming your business model, leadership and collaboration across your stakeholder ecosystem. The authors, Sustainable Innovation and Business Transformation Professor Julia Binder from the IMD Business School in Switzerland and Dr Manuel Braun, share decades of experience in researching and advising business leaders on the path to sustainable change, so they have insights and strategies relevant for every type of organisation. 

One of its key selling points is the practical nature of this book. Its pages are filled with worksheets, reflective exercises and a vast array of real-world examples of sustainable innovation, including over 100 case studies of circular solutions already being implemented in various global industries including IT, fashion, manufacturing and much more. The analysis that follows also delves into the emerging trends and opportunities – providing an accessible, holistic picture of how circular business models are becoming more popular and commercially viable every day.

Some people might think sustainability is a “big business” problem, but this book is also a must-read for leaders of smaller companies who want to learn how they can play an important role in building a more resilient, aligned and greener business.

The Circular Business Revolutionby IMD Business School Professor Julia Binder and Dr Manuel Braun, Director at Systemiq Ltd., published by Pearson, is out now priced from £19.99.

Sally Anne Butters
Sally Anne Butters

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