What is a Social Impact? by Ildiko Almasi Simsic

Have you ever stopped to think about whether your business makes a positive impact on the world?

What is a Social Impact

It certainly feels like we’re all facing increasing pressures to ‘do good’ from customers, employees and investors alike, but how do you know if your best efforts are really making a difference?

This new book is a pioneering guide to what it really means to be socially impactful, whether you’re running a SME or a global bank. It breaks down the buzz words we now see so much in the business media – from ESG to CSR – to explain them as simple, practical tools we can all use to help us drive real positive change that will, in turn, make you and your team feel good.

The author, Ildiko Almasi Simsic, is a social development specialist with an impressive track record of working with the world’s largest development finance institutions on diverse projects to help them understand and improve their social impact. She manages to distil 15 years’ experience into a guide that is practical and engaging, drawing upon real-world examples and compelling case studies, so you can understand the wider impact your business makes.

I know many people are confused by what environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives mean, and what implications they will have on their organisation, their suppliers and other stakeholders. This book is a great starting point to help you understand. It provides a clear blueprint for achieving a more sustainable and socially conscious future, for you and your business.

What Is A Social Impact? byIldiko Almasi Simsic is available in paperback priced at £19.88

Sally Anne Butters
Sally Anne Butters

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