The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking by Michael D. Watkins

Following the success of his global bestseller The First 90 Days, leading academic Michael D. Watkins returns with a powerhouse book to help you win the game of business – strategically

The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking

Navigating political, economic and social change has become a necessity for modern CEOs. The ability to leverage your insights and build alliances with key stakeholders to make effective decisions in the face of uncertainty has never been more valuable. The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking addresses how to avoid being overwhelmed by the chaos and turn challenges into opportunities by instilling this critical skill into our teams, cultures and management styles. 

Often viewed as an innate talent gifted to CEOs from birth, Watkins offers an alternative to the nature vs nurture debate around strategic thinking and leadership. He explains how everyone can develop these skills with the right experiences and training, highlighting real-life examples of those leading the way in using this capability to transform their organisation for the future. What’s more, in sharing the key takeaways from those who have already forged a path with strategic thinking at the centre, the book enables readers to reflect on what’s at stake if they don’t follow suit – with the risk of competitors, consumer shifts and technology nipping at the heels of those who fall behind.

A dissection of the six disciplines follows the scene-setting of the first chapter, and each is assessed with a level of detail that you could only receive from an expert at the top of their game. Divided by qualities that enable you to prioritise and recognise emerging issues with those that can mobilise your organisation towards sustainable solutions, the chapters are analytical, considered and full of reflective questions that modern leaders can use as a starting point to embed this skillset into the fabric of their business – regardless of their geography, industry or company size.

One of the most interesting discussions centres on the discipline of political savvy and how to use your influence to turn challenges into opportunities. It’s a skill that many leaders can shy away from but Watkins explains that an absence of easy answers for navigating the current business challenges has meant leaders must become comfortable with vigorous debate and building alliances inside and out of your organisation to shape its direction. He goes further to outline the value of crafting your influence strategies and networks as a business leader and how you can shape the environment around you to support the growth of your company and professional value. 

A comprehensive, practical and actionable guide to effective leadership in the age of business volatility, The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking provides a blueprint for leaders looking to better understand the rules of the modern business game and achieve sustainable success in a changing world. 

The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinkingby Michael D. Watkins is available from all good book sellers priced at £16.99.

Sally Anne Butters
Sally Anne Butters

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