Finding my virginity

Richard Branson’s new autobiography is packed with nuggets for budding entrepreneurs

Finding my virginity

Richard Branson needs no introduction. Ever since he first shot to fame and glory in the 1970s, the founder of the Virgin Group has been one of entrepreneurial Britain’s big movers and shakers. And in this sequel to his first autobiography Losing My Virginity he offers a rare insight into where he gets his ideas from.

A lot of it stems from his willingness to leap on opportunities when faith presents them to him. Whether that means taking the time to talk with an old friend he met running in Central Park or listening to a CFO excitedly scribbling down the idea of the airline Virgin Blue on a beer mat, Branson continuously shows how taking the time for other people has seen him grow his riches.

Budding entrepreneurs can also learn a thing or two from Branson’s optimism and faith in a better tomorrow. Not only has this motivated the direction of his businesses but also seen him try to prevent the war in Iraq and, when that failed, to set up The Elders, the group of influential world leaders working together for peace.

His attitude also stands in stark contrast to that of Donald Trump. In the book, Branson describes how he met the then-future president and his disappointment when he learned how vindictive and petty Trump was.

Finding My Virginity is packed with important lessons for budding entrepreneurs. A must read.

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Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

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