FiveAI is competing with Google, Uber and Apple to launch the first driverless car in Europe

Some might have thought that driverless cars were just for the big tech titans. But this UK startup is ready to prove them wrong

FiveAI is competing with Google

Everyone from Uber to Volvo seems to work on their own autonomous vehicles. However, they aren’t the only ones. In fact, FiveAI, the British car startup, has just announced a huge step towards trialling the technology on the streets of London before the end of this year.

On Tuesday, August 14 it was revealed that the company was about to send out five bright blue-coloured cars programmed to record information about London’s streets and traffic, according to Business Insider.  While these cars will be driven by humans, the goal of the project is to collect enough data so that the company can then have its first driverless car test by the end of 2018.

The company explained that the eye-catching colour of its cars was to make it clear to the public who is gathering information. By doing this, FiveAI hopes to be fully-compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and individuals won’t be identifiable from their images.

FiveAI’s ambition is to build a driverless system which can be later used for different vehicles. Another aspiration the company holds is to introduce a shared driverless taxi service to London in 2019.

This announcement comes on the back of the startup raising $35m in its series A round in September 2017. It had previously raised $3.7m in a seed round in 2016.

With all this preparation and the new test, FiveAI is taking significant steps towards introducing the first driverless car in Europe. 

Yoana Cholteeva
Yoana Cholteeva

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