Chaos Monkeys

Antonio Garcia Martinez takes the reader inside the Silicon Valley money-making machine

Chaos Monkeys

Imagine an irreverent chimpanzee driving a tank through the heart of Silicon Valley and you’ll get a good idea of the tone of Garcia Martinez’s autobiography. The former tech entrepreneur turned advisor for both Twitter and Facebook pulls no punches in this expose of the San Francisco startup scene.

From his spending time on Goldman Sach’s trading floor in the early days to launching his own startup AdGrok through Y Combinator, the famous accelerator, and getting acquired by Twitter, the author shares every insight in a hugely entertaining way, dissecting the backroom deals taking place in the holy land of tech every day.

With a mixture of linguistic somersaults and profanities reminiscent of The Wolf of Wall Street, Garcia Martinez delivers a string of iconoclastic and literary knockout combos that are hard to pull away from. The book is full of provocative phrases like likening a simultaneous deal with both Facebook and Twitter to “trying to engineer simultaneous orgasm between a premature ejaculator and a frigid woman”.

With its pure bravado and insights, Chaos Monkeys is a must-read for every budding tech entrepreneur worth his salt.

Ebury press

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Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

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