Revealed: the five traits that make co-workers dislike each other

New research from CV-Library has why some of your employees can’t stand each other

Revealed: the five traits that make co-workers dislike each other

An exciting vision may motivate people to apply for a job at a startup but it’s important to remember that some behaviour patterns can turn your enterprise into a cesspool of time-wasting office politics. That’s why it’s paramount that entrepreneurs are aware of the traits that could make a good work environment turn ugly.

Having surveyed 1,200 people, CV-Library, the jobs portal, has unveiled that 55.7% of workers dislike arrogant colleagues, making it the number one characteristic that rubs people the wrong way. Laziness was hated by 47.8% while 24.8% couldn’t stand patronizing behaviour. Additionally, 24.5% disliked controlling people and 19.8% disproved of vulgarity.

On a more positive note, CV-Library also revealed which characteristics are most likely to make people like their co-workers. 61.8% of the respondents cited a positive attitude as the most endearing, followed by being approachable with 40.8%. A sense of humour was appreciated by 39.8%. Being open-minded was liked by 31% and honesty was appreciated by 23.7%.

While hiring people who demonstrate these positive characteristics can give your enterprise’s culture a boost, it’s equally important that business leaders project some of these traits themselves. This is especially true for startups, which tend to have very tight-knit teams – meaning the founder can easily set the tone “It’s only natural to want to be liked, especially at work when you’re dealing with a variety of people,” said Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library. “But it’s important not to get too caught up with the office politics.”

So it’s perhaps wise to check your ego in at the door, put a smile on your face and be a source of positivity – your employees will thank you for it.

Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

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