With their new book, Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares have created a guide to traction and customer acquisition that truly embraces the lean startup methodology


It doesn’t matter how great your idea is: no startup can scale without having some serious traction. But given all of the avenues available for drawing in customers, it can be hard to identify the channels that will really boost your profile. Fortunately Traction is here to help startups to find their best route to rapid customer growth.

Whilst there are plenty of titles out there aimed at helping startups crank up their customer acquisition, few are quite as incisive as this one. Traction emphasises the importance of experimentation and testing, providing a three-step framework to help startups explore customer acquisition and refine it down to one core traction channel. Following this, it goes on to run startups through the many channels available, from targeting blogs to building discrete communities. Every section is woven through with case studies of how erstwhile startups like reddit, Wikipedia and Twitter utilised certain traction channels to become some of the world’s biggest brands.

With Traction, rather than corralling together a bunch of bland marketing observations, Weinberg and Mares have produced a guide to acquiring customers that truly embraces the lean startup mentality. All told, this is one growth-focused startups can’t afford to miss. 


Portfolio Penguin

October 29


Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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