The Journey to Wealth and a World-Class Mindset

In his first book, James Burke shows you how to take control of your happiness, emotions, finances, and physical destiny.

The Journey to Wealth and a World-Class Mindset

Inhis first book, James Burke shows you how to take control of your happiness,emotions, finances, and physical destiny.

Released 17 th July on Amazon, James Burke’s first book combines his personal story of struggle with practical tips and real-world examples of how to achieve wealth and a world-class mindset. Whilst the book has been written with business owners in mind, the advice it holds can be applied to anyone looking to achieve a wealth of wellbeing in their lives.

The Journey to Wealth and aWorld-Class Mindset starts with a 16-year-old boy sleeping rough in the outhouse of an abandoned house. As he faces multiple challenges that could see many people give up on life entirely, James tells his fascinating journey to becoming a business owner, husband and father. Now working as a business growth coach with the world’s number one business coaching franchise, ActionCOACH, James is using the tools of the franchise system with his own passion for a positive mindset to make a real difference to people’s lives.

For me, talk of mindset has often conjured up long-bearded gurus offering peace and tranquillity – certainly needed in these crazy times but not necessarily what I’m looking for as business owner with my feet firmly on the ground. This concise read is 18 chapters that offered me a more common-sense approach to how addressing your mindset can improve life and business.

Through the book, James says he will show you how to:

  • Create a life that you’re excited to live
  • Peer into the minds of some of the most successful people in history
  • Reach your financial goals quicker and with less stress
  • Achieve a sense of fulfilment in your personal and professional life
  • Set an action plan that will change your life.

If you take action after each of the chapters, spending just a few minutes reflecting on how the stories and advice relate to your life and goals, he’s not far off the mark. If you’re an avid reader of business, entrepreneurship and personal development themes, the likelihood is you’ll have come across some of the ideas in this book before. What you are unlikely to have encountered before is the down-to-earth, cutting-edge thinking that flows through this book which is designed to guide you on your own journey to wealth and happiness.

And if the book whets your appetite, James runs a Facebook Live every morning at 7.45 to help you master your morning – the guy has an insatiable energy that pairs perfectly with your morning coffee. Just search James Burke Master Your Morning.

TheJourney to Wealth and a World-Class Mindset is out now on Amazon for £14.99

Sally Anne Butters
Sally Anne Butters

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