The Happiness Index

Why Today’s Employee Emotions Equal Tomorrow’s Business Success by Matt Phelan

The Happiness Index

Finding, attracting and retaining the best talent remains one of the most pressing challenges for companies in every industry. Equally challenging is keeping employees engaged and fulfilled at work. How can modern firms ensure that the people who fuel the success of their business are fully committed to organisational goals?

In The Happiness Index: Why Today’s Employee Emotions Equal Tomorrow’s Business Success, Co-founder and CEO of The Happiness Index, Matt Phelan, delivers an insightful discussion of the factors that drive employee engagement and happiness at work. Eschewing a superficial approach in favour of a deep dive into the hard data collected from over two million people located in more than 100 countries, Phelan explains how to create the right environment for employees to be happy, engaged and fulfilled in their jobs.

The Happiness Index approaches its subject with both evidence- and neuroscience-based perspectives, demonstrating what people need to thrive and succeed in work and in life. It explains that “engagement” results from a person being intellectually engaged with their work, while “happiness” is an emotional state that arises from a combination of factors.

Offering a step-by-step approach to learning about happiness, the book provides practical lessons that can be applied by any organisation to improve their ability to find, attract and retain productive and satisfied employees, ensuring their employees and teams are positioned to flourish and professionally develop. It also includes compelling case studies from firms around the world, as well as executive interviews that bring the book’s immense amount of data to vivid life.

A unique and practical treatment of a timely subject, The Happiness Index will inspire a new generation of managers, executives, founders, owners, human resources professionals and other business leaders interested in helping their people – and their company – succeed.

The Happiness Index: Why Today’s Employee Emotions Equal Tomorrow’s Business Success, by Matt Phelan, published by Wiley and available to purchase now priced £18.99

Sally Anne Butters
Sally Anne Butters

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