Shortcut Your Startup: Ten ways to speed up entrepreneurial success

In their new book, the founders behind VEEV Spirit and the investment firm M13 reveal what it takes to launch a successful startup

Shortcut Your Startup: Ten ways to speed up entrepreneurial success

You know that old saying that those who can’t, teach? Well, Courtney and Carter Reum certainly don’t fall into that category. Having first sharpened their business chops working at Goldman Sachs  they have since gone on to not only prove their entrepreneurial flair with the alcohol startup VEEV Spirit but also invest in companies like Space X, Lyft and Pinterest. Fortunately, they are eager to share what they’ve learned along the way.

Shortcut Your Startup offers budding entrepreneurs a thorough road map from the conception of their company to their exit. Drawing on both their own experience as well as that of other heavy hitters in Silicon Valley, they reveal what it takes for an idea to be viable enough to grow a business from, how to best scale a company and whether or not you are cut out to be an entrepreneur. And the Reum brothers are certainly not afraid of sharing both their accomplishments as well as their failures as long as the reader can learn from them.

Fully packed with nuggets on what you can learn from everything from mini-carrots to speedboats, this book is a must-have on every budding business owner’s shelf.

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Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

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