Option B: Facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy

Sheryl Sandberg teams up with Originals writer Adam Grant in a book about overcoming hardship and finding resilience enough to go on after tragedies

Option B: Facing adversity

You rarely read business books that break your heart but Option B definitely falls in this category. Together with Adam Grant, the psychologist and author of Originals, Sheryl Sandberg shares the intimate story of how she dealt with the sudden death of her husband. She takes the reader through every painful detail of her sorrow, painting a personal portrait of how Mark Zuckerberg and the inner circle of Facebook helped the company’s COO get back to work and reclaim her joy.

However, the authors also offer solid advice on how to find strength in the face of adversity. Drawing inspiration from their conversations with victims of rape, cancer and personal loss, Sandberg and Grant unveil how to build resilience and how to learn from painful experiences. Entrepreneurs are surely going to benefit from knowing that that people will always be there to help and that there is no shame in asking for support.

The authors’ insight into handling mistakes is particularly important for new business owners. Instead of ignoring mishaps, the authors urge business leaders to learn from the experience in order to fail forward. Establishing a culture where employees and entrepreneurs alike aren’t afraid to talk openly about why things went wrong ensures that they will go right in the future.

Packed with solid advice, Option B is a must-read for entrepreneurs. Just watch out for the waterworks.

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Eric Johansson

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