Is Soylent’s powder meals any good or should you stick with another meal replacement?

As more entrepreneurs are swapping Boots’ meal deals for convenient meal replacements, we check out if Soylent’s new offering is all that it’s cranked up to be

Is Soylent’s powder meals any good or should you stick with another meal replacement?

Launching a new business isn’t for the faint of heart. Having a great idea isn’t enough, you also have to source both funding and the time to get the startup off the launchpad. With everything going on, eating healthily may seem like the last of hour priorities. But it should be as staying healthy can boost your company’s performance. That’s where Soylent’s new powder meal comes in. 

While the meal replacement company has offered powder-based shakes in the US for years, it only dropped in the UK the other month. Having previously tried Soylent’s ready-to-drink (RTD) meals back in February with some great results, I was hoping the Silicon Valley-originated company would be able to replicate the success this time. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed. 

From the outset though, that shouldn’t have been the case. Looking at the nutrients, it should’ve provided everything you want in a meal. After all, 100 grams of Soylent’s new powder-based drink corresponded to 471 calories, 38 grams of carbohydrates, 24 grams of protein, 23 grams of fat, 5.9 grams of fibre and a long list of minerals and vitamins similar to its competitors. Each meal would cost £2.40. Sounds good, right?

However, I discovered that both meals left me more unfulfilled than the RTD versions  did. Same thing go with Soylent’s main competitor Huel, which offered a similar solution but still left me with less cravings. After downing one shake during my lunch hour, I would still feel hungry within another hour. 

Another negative was the taste. The powder version comes in two flavours: original and cacao. Neither of them taste like anything I personally would like to try again. Both reminded me a bit of how putting one table spoon of flour in a glass of water, with the cacao version having maybe added half a teaspoon of cacao too. In other words, not great. 

So, unfortunately, while I had enjoyed the RTD drinks a few months ago, I couldn’t be happier when the week of drinking the powder version was over and I could get back on my regular diet. 

Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

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