How to Write Effective Business English

Your guide to excellent professional communication by Fiona Talbot

How to Write Effective Business English

The eagle-eyed of you may recognise this author’s name from previous articles for Elite Business magazine including this latest:

Fiona Talbot is an internationally acclaimed business writing author and founder of the #wordpowerskills 4-step business writing system. She works in the UK and internationally, training and advising on how to deliver premier written corporate communication for both native and non-native English speakers in today’s digital, global economy. Her books are workplace self-development guides and recommended reading in business schools and universities worldwide, as well as by large-scale employers, medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. 

So, it was no surprise to me when I found her latest edition of How to Write Effective Business English was a thoroughly comprehensive guide to all forms of written communication for business. I can guarantee – without promising to eat my latest hat from Ascot’s ladies day –  that even if you consider yourself to be an accomplished writer, you’ll still pick up a couple of nuggets from this book. 

For those less experienced, there’s a lot to take in from the pages which might feel a little overwhelming if it wasn’t for the fact that the chapters are delivered in accessible, bite-sized chunks. Activities in each chapter help to embed the advice and the checklists which follow are a great reminder to refer back to.

Whether you’re writing a proposal for a new client or an email to a colleague, a social media post or a job ad, to one person or a group of people spanning the globe, Fiona makes you think about how you can hit the mark with your audience whilst hitting your corporate goals. 

How to Write Effective Business English: your guide to excellent professional communication by Fiona Talbot, published by Kogan Page, is available now priced at £14.99.

Sally Anne Butters
Sally Anne Butters

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