Do Less, Get More

The latest title from Sháá Wasmund, Do Less, Get More, offers a staunch challenge to the idea that being productive means constant, feverish activity

Do Less

It’s remarkable how easy it is in our professional lives to feel like we’re constantly doing and yet rarely achieving. All too often it can feel like you’re in a perpetual whirl of activity and yet are making little, if any, progress toward your goals. This is why, in her latest book, Wasmund makes the case for why we shouldn’t conflate busyness and productivity.

From challenging our ingrained habits to learning to box clever with our time, Do Less, Get More offers no end of insight into how we can focus our energies on the areas they will have the most effect. Rather than simply trying to squeeze increasing levels activity into our lives in the hope of reaping more rewards, Wasmund encourages readers to prioritise what matters most.

 One of the pleasing things about Do Less, Get More is it neither seems dense and turgid nor flighty and poorly focused; containing the perfect balance of prose, recaps, breakdowns and exercises, it’s a light, frothy read that offers plenty of gems on how to invest less time in achieving your goals. It also knows when to poke fun at itself – for example a diagram that places wi-fi at the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows that this isn’t a book that takes itself overly seriously. All in all, an intensely practical guide to making your day-to-day efforts count. 



Publisher: Portfolio Penguin

Out: Now

RRP: £12.99

Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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