Business for Punks

BrewDog’s James Watt upends dull business cliches with this audacious guide for startups

Business for Punks

Given BrewDog’s reputation for provocativeness, it was likely that the craft beer revolutionary’s first book would be imbued with at least some its rebellious spirit. But, in actual fact, mere words like irreverent or iconoclastic don’t really do it justice. Whether it’s looking at figuratively – or indeed literally – parking your tank on the financial sector’s lawn or encouraging consumers to join your revolution, every part of Watt’s entrepreneurial guide is gleefully centred on slaughtering the sacred cows of startup culture.

It’s very easy to get carried along with Watts’ oratory; not only does his polemic perfectly capture the disruptive mood of the modern startup landscape but his ability to turn a phrase certainly puts a grin on your face. Bon mots like: ‘Chase down every cent. Pimp every pound’ litter every page and continually keep the energy up, making even the driest subjects a joy to read about. Even if you’re not one for wordplay or provocative language, you can’t help but have a grudging respect for writing that so relentlessly refuses to pull its punches.

Packed with solid advice on surviving in the modern, disruptive business landscape and permeated with the usual BrewDog piquancy, Business for Punks is something no aspiring entrepreneurial radical can afford to miss. 


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Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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