Build Better Teams by George Karseras

Teams today are navigating more complex times than ever before. Increasing pressures from digitalisation, remote working, mental health issues and individualism all combine to create increasing uncertainty and stress for team leaders

Build Better Teams by George Karseras

Teams today are navigating more complex times than ever before. Increasing pressures from digitalisation, remote working, mental health issues and individualism all combine to create increasing uncertainty and stress for team leaders ‘ and it can make even the idea of recruiting and building a team incredibly daunting for a small business leader.

So, wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic code that helped take the guess work out of leading and motivating a team to peak performance? Elite Business were given exclusive access to review this book before its release later this month and we think it is really worth a look for any entrepreneur looking to improve their teams – which is all of us surely!

Drawing upon over 20 years of experience in team development, this new book breaks down the historically poor track record of team performance in businesses of all sizes. It combines academic studies and real-world examples of team dynamics in extreme circumstances to equip you with proven, scientifically backed tools and techniques that are easy to apply whenever you are experiencing the growing pains associated with building teams. 

Written by Sports & Occupational Psychologist and executive team development coach, George Karseras, this book applies the lessons through compelling stories of building trust in extreme teams, including exclusive interviews with a team that walked the Amazon. It presents the scientific code in a way that is not only practical for leaders, but also easy to read, painting memorable pictures.

Build Better Teams answers all the questions facing SMEs today, covering how leaders can expect virtual working to impact their teams, what science can teach them about teams, and how to build a greater sense of community in an organisation and, eventually, the world. 

Whether you’re looking for ways to build trust, inspire teams or just become a more efficient remote leader, this book offers the first-ever scientifically backed code that can be applied to any team in any industry to boost performance. This code, called the TeamUp Playbook, is a guided four-step sequence that any team leader can follow to produce high-performing teams.  

Build Better Teams: Creating Winning Teams in the Digital Age by George Karseras, published by Mango, is released on 17th January with the Kindle edition priced at £7.55. 

Sally Anne Butters
Sally Anne Butters

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