Boss It!

Carl Reader speaks globally to small business audiences, helping them understand that business isn't difficult. It's hard work, but it isn't difficult.

Boss It!

Carl Reader speaks globally to small business audiences, helping them understand that business isn’t difficult. It’s hard work, but it isn’t difficult. In his third book release, he provides a structured approach to business owners who want to Boss It!

It struck me that this is the first book I’ve read that was drafted, finalised and published while the COVID-19 pandemic was underway. Whilst the references on that and Brexit are minimal, it’s useful to tip your hat at the situation that most small business owners will have found themselves in during 2020. But don’t worry, reality is hit with a dose of Carl’s stoic realism as he focuses you on the things you can control, not the crazy things you can’t. And the one thing Carl knows about taking control… being your own boss is essential.

Carl runs through his simple principles for business ownership and lessons for business startup, operations, growth and scaling your business. With reality checks and opportunities to reflect on the chapters’ contents, this book takes you through the steps in plain English and with enlightening recognition of the struggles that business owners frequently face.

As a business owner on my third business across a 20-year span, I wish I’d had this book to read in my early twenties. In fact, having read the book, I wasn’t surprised that Carl dedicates this book to the next generation – his kids and their peers – as it contains the sort of content that’s sorely lacking from the national curriculum in my opinion. 

Carl covers crucial elements for every new business owner to consider. From dreaming to planning, taking action to scaling a business, he checks back in with you to think about the type of business owner you need to be to successfully lead your business through these stages – there’s also extra material you can download from his website.

If you’ve been furloughed or made redundant recently, read this book to see if you could become your own boss. If you are already a business owner, read this book to refresh your perspective. You might just discover some better ways to control your time, your income and your life.

Boss It is on sale from 3rd October from Amazon for £11.99

Sally Anne Butters
Sally Anne Butters

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