Are Sennheiser’s new noise-cancelling headset MB 360 UC what you need to focus

Sennheiser’s new noise-cancelling headphones claim to be perfect for work. So Elite Business put them to the test

Are Sennheiser’s new noise-cancelling headset MB 360 UC what you need to focus

In the day’s of open floor plan offices, it can be difficult to concentrate. This can be especially problematic for entrepreneurs renting a workplace with other startup founders blabbing about their businesses a few feet away from them. The same thing goes for the ones who opt to set up their new business from the comfort of their home as kids, partners and loud TV sets can easily create distractions. These professionals are just the kind of people German audio company Sennheiser targets with its new noise-cancelling headphones. So Elite Business set out to see just how good they are.

Initially though, I found it a particularly elaborate task to make the MB 360 UC headset connect with a device. Because of my own general clumsiness and because I tend to treat my own headphones worse than Darth Vader treats his children, I’ve run through my fair amount of Bluetooth headphones in my days. Most of them have been very easy to pair. All you’d need to do is to fire them up, press the pairing button for a few seconds and then be told that it’s pairing. Once paired, you can sit back and enjoy the music. That wasn’t the case with the Sennheiser headphones. 

I could initially make it connect to the computer but was unable to get the device to play the music in the headphones. This was really irritating as I felt the accompanying PC dongle should’ve made this process instantaneous. Instead, it played through the speakers of the computer, which, weirdly enough, I was able to control the volume of with the headset. The headphones’ accompanying guides were less than helpful. Only when I consulted online guides did I realise that I had to go into the computer’s own control centre to make the sound come out of the headphones. Even though it turned out to be a reasonably simple fix, this elaborate process was still a bit annoying. 

But the MB 360 UC headset made up for this initial annoyance with its sound quality – it’s absolutely superb, which you should expect from a headset with a launch price at £219. At times I even found myself hearing new details of albums I’ve listened to for years. 

This combined with the noise-cancellation technology not only made it easier to shut out distracting noise but also made working easier in other ways. For example, I found it much easier to transcribe interviews. There was barely any need to rewind the recording as the MB 360 UC’s speakers clearly conveyed what interviewees had said. 

The noise-cancellation technology and sound quality also made it easier to listen to podcasts on the tube and to shut out my gym’s horrendous playlist. Speaking of the gym, I did find that the headphones slipped off quite easily when I did exercises on my back, like the benchpress. On the other hand, MB 360 UC was a pure joy to go for a run with. 

Overall, the headset does exactly what it says on the tin. So if you’re looking for a way to shut out distracting noise at work and make your startup a success, then the MB 360 UC headset could be the choice for you. 

Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

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