Review: Simple tips, smart ideas: build a bigger, better business

Erica Wolfe-Murray highlights a few quick tips on how you can bolster your business and sail through troubled waters

Review: Simple tips

There are plenty of self-help books for startups that are marketed towards entrepreneurs struggling to find their feet in their respective sectors. So you might be wondering what’s so different about Erica Wolfe-Murray’s Simple Tips Smart Ideas, which is just another book aimed to help your business grow on the face of it. But Wolfe-Murray’s understanding of individual business owners’ needs, irrespective of the size of the company, are what sets this book apart.

By talking you through seemingly simple things like creating a business plan and identifying your USP, she provides a new outlook, giving you a fresh perspective on your business. Encouraging business owners to take a hands-on approach, Simple Tips Smart Ideas is a book that outlines the path of entrepreneurship through graphics, graphs and easily digestible business lessons.

With such a variation of content within, this is how the book helps you get the best out of yourself and your business, rather than giving generic answers. For instance, she uses the analogy of a com-pany as a store cabinet in a kitchen and breaks down how all the ingredients – the business’ assets – needed are sitting there waiting to be used to create a perfect dish and what can be done to prepare each part for your startup to reach success.

Being visually attractive coupled with the easily fathomable case studies about the likes of Marks & Spencer and Full Fat PR makes the book distinct from the others in the market. Indeed, these references feature small and big businesses, showing Wolfe-Murray’s approaches can work in various situations.

If you require motivation to grow your company, Simple Tips Smart Ideas is just the book you need – after all, as a small business, “the world needs you.”

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Louisa Cook
Louisa Cook

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