Alive: Digital Humans and their Organisations

Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones shine a light on how organisations can activate themselves by leveraging technology and the digital world

Alive: Digital Humans and their Organisations

Over the last few years, digital transformation has been one of the biggest buzzwords in business, with organisations understanding technologies such as AI, IoT and big data analytics can bring improved efficiencies, cost reductions and improvements to business processes. And the authors of Alive: Digital Humans and Their Organizations suggest we’re entering the age of the digital human – a revolution that will see people and machines become increasingly synchronised, transforming how we operate. Putting people at its heart, the book shows business leaders how developing a “digital spine” for their organisation, can elevate it to an evolving system able to respond and innovate for the digital age so as to capitalise on the upcoming tech revolution instead of getting intimidated by it.

Using concepts like ad-app-ability, theatres of work, the power of small things and targets and mirrors, the authors have included a well-analysed checklist that links how organisations were led in the past and what they need to do to thrive in the digital future.

Looking at how effective and influential it is for startups and SMEs to embrace digital skills, entrepreneurs must both establish the company in the virtual world and make themselves more aware of the ways they can capitalise technology for their enterprise. Even if chiefs think they don’t have the time, there’s no arguing that embracing digital skills is essential. Having a web identity isn’t just a component but rather your business’s raison d’être. Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones shine a light on how to activate organisations so that they can transform themselves – and what digital means for the people who work within them.

And this book will teach as well as encourage you to go digital. Definitely a must-read for every millennial entrepreneur.

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Varsha Saraogi
Varsha Saraogi

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