A Diamond in the Rough

by Steven Van Belleghem

A Diamond in the Rough by Steven Van Belleghem

When you’re running a business, you understand the value of your customers. You’ve probably also had conversations with your team about how keeping them happy should always be the top priority. But on the flip-side, as a customer of other businesses, how often have you received such outstanding service that you want to tell your friends about it?

The reality is that every business wants to make customers happy – and employees enjoy making people happy – but very few of us actually achieve it. Why? Well, this fascinating new book from world-leading customer experience expert Steven Van Belleghem aims to give us the answers.

In A Diamond in the Rough, Steven distils decades of experience and thousands of conversations with other CX professionals into simple, practical advice that even small businesses can apply with little cost. It isn’t a book of big picture strategies and theoretical frameworks, but rather outlines 100 small changes you can make immediately that will add up to “polish” what you are already doing well, refining the things that need to be improved.

At a time when technology is dominating many conversations about the relationships between brands and customers, it’s very easy to feel like you can’t compete with the tech giants or the likes of Amazon. However, this book also highlights how the human element of customer experience continues to increase in value as a result, and how you can use your company culture to stand out as a shining diamond of customer service.

A Diamond in the Rough is recommended reading for any entrepreneur or business leader who wants to not only stand out from the crowd in the eyes of customers, but also make their company a happier place to work.

A Diamond in the Rough by Steven Van Belleghem, published by Lannoo Campus, is available now priced £30.

Sally Anne Butters
Sally Anne Butters

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