‘Netflix couple’ nominated for business award

Joint-owners of hair-growth company Watermans are recognised for their work with cancer patients and those suffering from alopecia

Netflix couple nominated for business award

Yorkshire-based Watermans, which is a multi-million-pound company in the UK’s cosmetic industry, have been shortlisted in one of the categories at this year’s British Business Excellence Awards ceremony. The husband and wife team of Matt and Gail Waterman established the company over 10 years ago and enjoyed immediate success by selling luxury hair-growth products.

Over the past decade they have donated considerable amounts of money and products to charity which is one of the reasons why they have been nominated in the ‘Purpose Before Profit’ category. Watermans, whose headquarters are in Rotherham, serve 17 international markets and sell one product every 30 seconds.

The company have made it their focus to help cancer patients, as well as those suffering from alopecia. In fact, Matt and Gail have themselves endured hair loss issues over the years, which is one reason they are so committed to the cause.

They generously donate the company’s hair growth shampoo, called ‘Grow Me,’ to chemotherapy wards across the UK. The couple also donate many other products to the NHS and war-torn Ukraine, while supporting grass-root football clubs across the country.

Sarah Austin, who is Awards Director of the Lloyds Bank-sponsored British Business Excellence Awards, is no stranger to the misery of alopecia. She said: “In 2021, my life took an unexpected turn when I faced severe hair loss due to complications from my type-one diabetes. 

“As someone who rarely ventured outside the house without meticulous hair and makeup, this experience shattered my self-confidence. Attending events and meetings became daunting as I waited for my hair to grow back. I immersed myself in various hair growth treatments with almost obsessive determination.

“Thankfully, companies that approached this issue with empathy and understanding became my anchors of support. Their products played a pivotal role in accelerating my recovery and restoring confidence. During the same year, a close family member underwent intense chemotherapy. This experience led us to discover an array of options available for those battling with hair loss.

“Both experiences underscored the power of resilience and compassionate innovation. Companies that genuinely grasp the emotional toll of hair loss, not only offer products but extend a lifeline of empathy. This empathetic approach showcases the potential for transformation and rejuvenation, proving that our strength can flourish even amid life’s unforeseen trials.”

Television Appearance

Matt and Gail Waterman, whose nomination is in recognition of their exceptional contributions to those battling cancer and alopecia, are also minor TV celebrities. The couple appeared in the second series of ‘Rich Holiday Poor Holiday,’ which was originally shown on Channel 5 and is now available on Netflix.

In a programme first aired in 2021, Gail and Matt – and their two sons – swapped holidays with a single mum. While the ‘millionaire family’ from South Yorkshire spent a week in a cramped caravan in the Norfolk coastal resort of Cromer, the struggling single parent enjoyed seven days at a luxurious woodland retreat in Saxony, Germany.

The grateful mum indulged in an all-inclusive £7k holiday, along with her two daughters and her own mother. As for the Waterman family, their holiday outlay came to less than £400. 

Awards Night

The ceremony for this year’s British Business Excellence Awards takes place in central London on Tuesday, November 14th. This annual event celebrates the best of British business during the last 12 months.

The gathering takes place at the Grosvenor House Hotel and will celebrate perseverance, guile and innovation, and promises to shine a light on outstanding achievements. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have been nominated across a range of categories, with the grand occasion offering company owners the opportunity to network.

There are 16 categories up for grabs, with 11 companies shortlisted for the ‘Purpose Before Profit’ award. These are: Clean Planet Group; Evenfields Careers Ltd; Mood Bears; Reclaim Fund Ltd; The Black Pounds Project CIC; The Housing Network; The Social Society; Waste to Wonder Network Operations Ltd; Whitby Wood; Watermans and Wildflowers of London.

To check out the full list of finalists for the 2023 edition, please click here.

About ‘Rich Holiday Poor Holiday: In short, two families swap their holiday selections. The family that is used to luxury vacations are sent to more humble locations, while the other family enjoy a rare taste of the high life. Since its debut on Netflix in the UK, viewing figures have surged remarkably, according to Google Trends data.

About Watermans: Is renowned for crafting and retailing luxury hair-growth products. The brand puts ‘people before profit,’ while reaching out to individuals affected by cancer and alopecia. The company lend a helping hand to empower and uplift these communities.

Andy Swales
Andy Swales

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