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This year’s entrepreneurial extravaganza to be held in September

Ideas Fest

It’s called ‘The Glastonbury for Entrepreneurs’ and has also been described as ‘Where Entrepreneurs Find Their Tribe.’ To give it its correct title, however, is ‘Ideas Fest.’ And this year’s ‘Ideas Fest’ takes place in Hertfordshire in September.

This two-day event is the brainchild of Francesca James who is the woman behind the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. This is an opportunity for men and women to showcase their ideas and, in 2024, the gathering takes place at The Meadows, Pendley Manor in Tring, on Thursday, September 12th and Friday, September 13th.

The first ‘Ideas Fest’ took place in 2022 and the event’s organiser Francesca James explained that the whole concept “is our answer to the often isolating entrepreneurial journey. It’s a place to find your tribe, share struggles, build relationships and forge ahead together.

Ideas Fest is more than an event. It’s a movement to redefine the entrepreneurial experience.  Whether looking to ignite new ideas, meet potential collaborators, or simply enjoy the festival vibe, Ideas Fest is the place to be for modern entrepreneurs.”

And those who attend will discover that Ideas Fest is not some collection of people dressed in jackets, shirts and ties, but resembles more of a music festival with marquees, beer tents, shorts, t-shirts and the rest.

The press release, which accompanied the launch of this year’s event, reads: ‘It’s the vibrant fusion of a music festival’s spirit, with the intellectual stimulation of a business conference. 

Ideas Fest is set to revolutionise how entrepreneurs network, learn and celebrate. A previous attendee said “my mental health has drastically improved as a result of the festival. It shows what genuine human connection, honest discussion and kindness can do”.’

It is outdoors and the 2024 event boasts an impressive roster of speakers, including the founders of iconic brands such as Calm (Michael Acton Smith), Yo Sushi (Simon Woodrofe), Grenade (Juliet Barratt), LaunchLemonade (Cien Solon) and myenergi (Jordan Brompton).

These leading figures in entrepreneurship will share their journeys, insights and strategies and, according to Francesca: “This is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the very best.”

Unlike traditional conferences, ‘Ideas Fest’ combines serious learning with the free-spirited fun of a festival. There are seminars, workshops and live entertainment in an outdoor setting that Francesca describes as being “conducive to creative thinking and informal networking.”

She added: “It is specially designed to combat the loneliness of the entrepreneurial journey. The festival layout and program is tailored to encourage interaction, collaboration and the formation of meaningful connections.

“Entrepreneurship is tough, so it’s crucial to find others who understand your path and can share their experiences. This unique event combines a community spirit with the forward-thinking environment of a business conference. It caters for entrepreneurs who seek more dynamic and interactive networking opportunities.”

To book your ticket for the 2024 edition of ‘Ideas Fest’, please click here.

Andy Swales
Andy Swales

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