Simon Squibb
Simon Squibb

Founder Helpbnk

Simon has spent 10 years as an entrepreneur in the UK and 20 years as an entrepreneur in Hong Kong. He started his first company when he was homeless at 15 years old, and he sold his last company ‘Fluid’ to PwC. He has also invested in over 70 startups in the last 15 years.

Today Simon is the founder of the world’s first Help2Earn platform – HelpBnk, an ecosystem that helps people learn how to start and scale a business for free while allowing those that help to get paid. Simon’s mission is to help 10 million people start a business of their own, and fix the education system.

With over 3 million followers and 1B total views on social media, Simon is known for his motto #GiveWithoutTake alongside his famous street interviews asking people ‘Would you ever start a business of your own?’ Simon tries to encourage each of his followers to do one kind thing for a stranger each day, as the knock-on impact of these kind acts can slowly change the world.

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