The purpose-driven investment: Why startups are the future

Unlocking the potential of startups for a greater and more purposeful tomorrow

Why startups are the future

Investing is an age-old practice, and while many continue to praise and preach about stocks, shares, and property, there’s something uniquely captivating about startup investing. Perhaps it’s the allure of uncharted territory, the promise of innovation, or simply the human element that resonates with obsessed entrepreneurs like myself. Recently, in a dream that bordered on prophecy, I delved deep into the reasons behind my obsession with startups. Here’s the crystallised version of that revelation:

Wealth that scales while you sleep

The allure of passive income is undeniable, and few avenues provide as much potential for exponential growth as startups. When we’re fresh on our financial journey, the best investment is invariably oneself. As we accumulate wealth, however, diversifying becomes vital. But here’s the catch: starting several businesses simultaneously can be akin to juggling with fire. That’s where startups come into play. By investing in budding businesses we believe in, we can explore new avenues and ventures without spreading ourselves too thin. This means you can rest easy, knowing your money is working tirelessly, even when you aren’t.

Influence, not just invest

There’s a profound difference between passive and active investing. When you buy stocks, you’re often left at the mercy of market dynamics, similar to throwing a die and hoping for a favourable number. But with startups, it’s a different ballgame altogether. By strategically investing in businesses where your expertise can be an asset, you’re not just pouring in money but also infusing value through your knowledge and skill set. It’s less of a gamble and more of a partnership. There’s a satisfaction in knowing that your decisions can steer the trajectory of your investment, and personally, I like knowing that I can be a part of making this incredible business work.

Driving change with purpose

The world remembers businesses not just by their balance sheets, but by the change and impact they make. Every wildly successful company, from Google’s mission to make information universally accessible to Facebook’s ambition of connecting the world, had a purpose at its core. Such purpose-driven businesses invariably leave an indelible mark on the world, and I find it so exciting to be a part of that in any way I can. Investing in a house to rent it out might provide steady returns, but does it really make the world a better place? I would argue the opposite. Conversely, by channelling funds into startups with a vision, we’re not just chasing profits but fostering innovations that can shape the future. That’s a double win, both for the soul and for the world.

The world of startup investing offers a blend of huge potential upside and soulful satisfaction, rarely found in traditional investment avenues. Yes like anything, it’s a huge risk. But it’s an arena where money meets meaning, and where visionary entrepreneurs and insightful investors come together to change the world. I love everything about it.

Simon Squibb
Simon Squibb

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