Mark Wright: Harness the skills of those more successful than you

Fresh from the Grant Cardone 10X Tour, Mark Wright, winner of 2014’s The Apprentice, explains how to enhance your business mindset and see long-term growth

Mark Wright: Harness the skills of those more successful than you

In business, it’s common knowledge that one of the best ways to learn is through the skillset, knowledge and experience of those more successful than you. This much was made clear to me this month having attended the Grant Cardone 10X UK Tour, where hours of useful and inspiring content was delivered to entrepreneurs on supercharging their business, income and quality of life.

It was challenging to put what was covered into words but for those unable to attend, I would take note of the following if you really seek business growth in the long term.


One of the biggest things preventing entrepreneurs from building a successful business is mindset, where the majority of business owners simply don’t think big enough. From setting goals too small to keeping prices too low, we as entrepreneurs undermine ourselves, our product or service and our capabilities to succeed far too often. By putting in ten times the mindset, work ethic and action, you’ll succeed.

A key part of this is surrounding yourself with other likeminded thinkers. Remember that your network is your net worth, meaning you take influence from the five people you spend most of your time with. Don’t waste it on those who cannot help you achieve your goals and fail to share the same growth mentality.

Focus on sales, not costs

So many business owners spend far too much time trying to reduce business costs instead of growing sales and turnover. Grant Cardone, the sales trainer, openly admits that one of his biggest mistakes in business is staying small for too long. Instead, by focusing efforts on sales and growing your turnover on a monthly basis, you will be able to boost your business for the long term.

Get attention to grow

Another mistake? That’s failing to get attention in the early stages. The best way to enhance your business is to enhance your attention. How often do you post on social media? How much video content are you publishing to demonstrate knowledge of your sector? How often do you communicate with existing and potential customers? The more people hear about you, the more likely they will purchase from you the next time they need your product or service, so increase the attention on you and your brand across all channels.

Price is a myth

All prices are a myth. That’s right, all costs are completely made up, so why do we spend so much time agonising over them? Whilst the buyer may be looking for the lowest cost, you as the business owner need to demonstrate the value your associated product or service brings. After all, people buy products or services that solve problems. If yours can solve theirs then you have demonstrated value, no matter the price. The next time you think you lost a customer due to cost, you didn’t. You lost them because you didn’t show enough value in your brand. 


Mark Wright
Mark Wright

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