In the loop: no one buys fashion from Alexa and WeWork celebrates another $1bn investment

From revealing the workplace perks employers should use to attract Gen Z workers to Elon Musk’s plans to take Tesla private, these are the tech news you need to prepare you for the weekend

In the loop: no one buys fashion from Alexa and WeWork celebrates another $1bn investment

Almost no one is using Alexa to buy clothes

Retailers and tech enthusiasts have long believed voice-controlled devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home would boost sales. But despite about 50 million Alexa devices have been sold worldwide it still seems that a few people are using these gadgets to buy stuff.

Apparently, only 2% of owners have used the devices to buy fashion in 2018, according to the two people who’ve seen Amazon’s internal figures and who’ve spoken to The Information. Of those that did, roughly 90% didn’t do it again. Instead, most people simply use the device to ask questions about things like the weather or play music.

Although using a voice interface for all kinds of purposes has been turned into an everyday habit, there are still some adjustments to be made in order to make customers ditch old-fashioned shopping experiences.

Revealing the perks Gen Z wants

From days off on their birthday to flexitime, there are plenty of workplace perks to woo Generation Z to come work for you. That’s according to a new study from Perkbox, the employee benefits platform.

It revealed that employees born between the mid-1990s and 2000 appreciate workplace benefits more than any other age group. The study suggested that one in three of them find the work perks on offer one of the most important factor when settling for a position.

The top three work perks essential for the happiness of Generation Z were found to be little incentives. For instance, 86% wanted a day off on their birthday, 85% craved free hot drinks in the office and 83% would love to have some flexible working hours.

Given how important perks are to attract Gen Z workers, it’s clear employers should seriously consider what perks they can offer.

WeWork gets another $1bn from SoftBank

With over 250 shared office spaces around the world in more than 20 countries, WeWork is probably the most hyped scaleup in the world right now. And that perception won’t go anywhere after the news that SoftBank, the Japanese conglomerate, plans to invest another $1bn into the unicorn.

This latest investment is on top of the $1.9bn SoftBank gave WeWork in June and the $5bn it injected last year. The money will be used to cover the cost of expanding the company’s offerings further afield.

With a willing partner like SoftBank fattening its coffers, it’s safe to say WeWork is seemingly able to live up to the hype for some time still.

Work commute is causing low productivity among employees

Sitting in the public transport might not sound like a very stressful experience but ultimately it has an impact on employees’ wellbeing.
A study commissioned by free2cycle, a social enterprise, found that 26% of people using a car, motorbike or public transport experience additional stress by the commute, compared to 9% of workers who walk or cycle to work who felt the same. Given these findings, it’s unsurprising that 10% felt they were less productive as a result.

Interestingly, only 30% of Londoners were stressed out by their commute while those figures were 43% and 37% in the West Midlands and Birmingham respectively.

With bikers being less stressed out than their other commuting peers, it may be an idea to consider installing changing rooms and bike storage to ensure people peddle into work productive and fresh.

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