London SMEs set to benefit from high-speed internet initiative

£23m scheme to provide superfast broadband to more than 9,000 small businesses in the capital

London SMEs set to benefit from high-speed internet initiative

In a move more BoJo than slow-mo, the mayor of London has launched a £23m scheme to provide high-speed broadband connections for over 9,000 small businesses in the capital.

As part of a £150m Urban Broadband Fund (UBF), created by the government to create up to 22 super-connected cities across the UK, the scheme will enable data-hungry companies to thrive against larger businesses in their respective regions.

Speaking at the London Infrastructure Summit, Johnson declared that small businesses anywhere in greater London would be able to apply for a voucher of up to £3,000 to assist in the costs of obtaining high-speed internet in line with his plan to ensure London has one of the fastest networks in the world.

He said: “I want to ensure small businesses in London have access to the most powerful possible internet connections. The digital arena is now a major factor in the success or otherwise of every type of business and I urge business people across the capital to take full advantage of a scheme that could boost their bottom line.”

Ed Vaizey, the government’s communications minister, echoed these sentiments. “We are witnessing a transformation of broadband in the UK which will be instrumental in driving our economic growth,” he said. “These vouchers will save businesses in London thousands of pounds, as well generating thousands more, and I strongly urge London businesses to make the most of this offer to ensure they are properly equipped to compete in today’s digital age.”

Given the importance of superfast broadband and the integral role it plays within shaping business today, we suggest you whizz over to the Greater London Authority website and apply for a voucher for the scheme here now.  

Joe Jeffrey
Joe Jeffrey

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