Learn from the best: SME leaders gather in London for SME XPO, 25-26 May, Olympia London

The Evening Standard recently surveyed '000's of ambitious SME leaders who have already registered for free tickets for their forthcoming SME XPO event in May 2022

Learn from the best: SME leaders gather in London for SME XPO

The Evening Standard recently surveyed ‘000’s of ambitious SME leaders who have already registered for free tickets for their forthcoming SME XPO event in May 2022 (Olympia London) and they told us what was frustrating their plans for rapid business growth. 

Rather than the challenges of sourcing materials at a time of rising inflation, they told us it was the challenges of everyday business ownership that was keeping them awake at night. 

  • Finding the right tactics, tips and tricks to create, scaleable, valuable and consistent sales and marketing funnels 
  • Balancing data, bravery and prudence to manage positive cashflow whilst investing to drive growth
  • Bringing effective sustainability, diversity and modern working practices into their business

I’m sure that most ambitious business owners find themselves grappling with these same kinds of business challenges and I ask them – why struggle alone? We’ve designed the SME XPO event to bring SME business leaders and founders together, to match them with expert suppliers, and to answer their most challenges in curated workshops, roundtables and networking sessions taking place live, across the two days.

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive, Richard Burge, will be moderating a session on Game-changing businesses of the future ‘ how to spot the next big trend on 26th May. He said: LCCI is delighted to be supporting the Evening Standard’s SME XPO, not only to help businesses overcome challenges, but to facilitate business to business collaboration, support and networking. SMEs and start-ups are integral to London’s status as a powerhouse of business, industry, trade, investment and global influence that enables prosperity right across the United Kingdom. These small but mighty businesses have a unique flexibility that helps to drive innovation, growth and progress in the UK economy. It is imperative that we support, encourage and champion SMEs to ensure they continue to thrive in our capital city and further afield.

Join Richard and start-up heavyweights Tej Lalvani, Holly Tucker, Euan Blair, and 100+ inspirational founders and leaders – some you might not have heard of (yet), at SME XPO, 25-26 May 2022, Olympia London. Register at www.smexpo.co.uk

SME XPO: Top 5 Take-aways

  1. Hear from Euan Blair – How can professional apprenticeships solve your talent gap? Find out from the founder of tech education startup and Google-backed near unicorn, Multiverse.
  2. Network with ‘000’s of serial entrepreneurs, start-up founders, micro business owners and the best-in-class suppliers that support them
  3. Be inspired by 120+ hours of free, expert-led conference sessions, roundtables and workshops
  4. Launching your business? Don’t miss the Virgin Money Start-Up Lounge
  5. Register today and you will be entered in to a draw to win two tickets to the exclusive LCCI Summer Party*. Register for free at www.smexpo.co.uk

*Terms and conditions apply – see website for details. www.smexpo.co.uk

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Why are SME’s so critical for the UK Economy?

SMEs are the lifeblood of the UK economy. They innovate, they challenge the larger corporates and drive thinking forward. They create jobs, drive growth, bring in overseas revenue, export the UK reputation and products overseas and are the foundation of a thriving economy. Louise Hill, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Go Henry.

SME’s are the driving force of a high growth economy leading on innovation and change. Right now we need these more than ever to create the net zero, low carbon economy that is required to tackle climate change. Rob Wilson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Toast Ale.

Covid has accelerated a number of shifts that were already beginning. SMEs are able to go faster, react faster and build faster than bigger companies – and I think they are more important than ever for the future of Britain. David Abrahamovitch, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Grind.

There’s so much potential in this new world. Young staff are looking to work for and consumers to buy from businesses with purpose and brands. We all want to be proud of what we do in the nine to five and how we consume, so if you have an idea that you think will chime with those new values, there’s never been a better time to act on it. Sophie Baron, Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Mamamade.


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