The future of work

Angela de Souza, the founder and chief executive of the Women’s Business Club, explains how remote and flexible working arrangements are benefiting women

The future of work

The world of work is undergoing a major transformation, with remote and flexible working arrangements taking centre stage. This shift is not only changing the way we work but also challenging traditional norms. In short, it is redefining the work-life balance for large numbers of people.

For women, in particular, the rise of remote and flexible working conditions represents a significant opportunity to achieve greater equilibrium between their professional and personal lives. In this article, I explore how these arrangements are benefiting women, as well as reshaping the landscape of work.

The remote work revolution

Remote working, once seen as a perk, has now become a fundamental component of the modern work environment. Advancements in technology, and changing attitudes toward work, have accelerated this shift. 

According to a report from FlexJobs, remote work has grown 159% since 2005, with more companies embracing the concept than ever before.

Benefits for women

Balancing family and career: One of the most significant benefits of remote work, is the ability to balance family and career. Remote work provides the flexibility to be present for family obligations, such as childcare and school activities, without compromising career progression.

Reduction in commute time: The elimination of daily commutes will save valuable time and reduce the amount of stress associated with rush-hour traffic. This reclaimed time can be redirected towards professional development, personal well-being, or family activities.

Increased job opportunities: Remote work opens the door to opportunities that may not have been accessible otherwise. Women can apply for jobs without geographical constraints. This will certainly broaden their scope for potential career advancement.

Enhanced work-life balance: The ability to work from home, or in a flexible environment, supports a healthier work-life balance. This equilibrium allows women to be more productive in both their personal and professional lives.

Career Advancement: Remote work can enable women to maintain their career trajectories while fulfilling family responsibilities. Women can continue to pursue leadership roles without the need to take extended career breaks.

Challenges and solutions

While remote and flexible working arrangements offer numerous benefits, they also come with their own set of challenges. Recognising these challenges and implementing solutions is essential for maximising the benefits of remote working.

Isolation and loneliness: Remote work can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Employers can address this issue by fostering a sense of community through virtual team-building activities and regular check-ins.

Work-life boundaries: Maintaining clear boundaries between work and personal life can be challenging when working remotely. Therefore, it is important to establish designated workspaces, while maintaining specific hours of work. This will create a healthy separation between the two.

Access to career development: Companies should provide remote employees, especially women, with access to professional development opportunities. This could include mentorship programs or career-advancement initiatives. 

Childcare Support: Employers can consider offering childcare support, such as stipends or access to day-care facilities. This would assist working parents in their arrangements.


The future of work is becoming increasingly remote and flexible, and women are poised to benefit significantly. These arrangements empower women to balance their professional and personal lives. It will open up a world of opportunities and allow them to maintain their career trajectories. 

While challenges do exist, proactive measures by both employees and employers can mitigate these issues, and maximise the benefits of working remotely. The future of work is evolving before our eyes and it’s opening up new possibilities in the workforce. 

Working remotely, as well as flexibly, is a game-changer. It allows women to excel in their careers, while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

We’re witnessing a shift towards more inclusive and accommodating workplaces, and it’s incredibly empowering to see women seize these opportunities. It’s a dynamic time for women in business and, with the right support and mindset, they can achieve their professional goals, while nurturing positive and satisfying personal lives.

The Women’s Business Club remains committed to providing resources and a supportive community for members keen to thrive in this evolving working environment. As remote and flexible working arrangements become the new normal, it is essential for organisations to embrace these changes.

There is a major cultural shift underway – with regards to employment – and companies need to respond positively in order to support the professional growth and well-being of women in the workforce. The result will be a more equitable, balanced, and prosperous future for all.

Angela De Souza
Angela De Souza

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