Seven sure-fire ways to boost office morale on Blue Monday

With the beginning of 2019, most of us have jumped into the grind with massive to-do lists and emails to catch up on. How can business bosses motivate themselves and their staff to be more productive?

Seven sure-fire ways to boost office morale on Blue Monday

The festivities are over, the days are still short and our to do list has doubled in size in a blink of an eye. No wonder entrepreneurs and employees alike are stressed, angry and unhappy. With Blue Monday looming on January 21, most head honchos and employees inevitably feel pressured with their goals. With little to look forward to right now, here are some sure-fire ways to boost your team’s morale.

(1) Breathe in, breathe out  

Taking deep breaths is greatly underestimated. In the fast-paced world, it’s important to centre yourself instead of going into panic mode. Take three to five short breaths in and exhale for twice as long using your stomach. This helps clear any big stress or emotion and focus on important tasks.

(2) Fake it till you believe it 

Think happy thoughts, create a bubble of good feelings around you and fake it until you start believing it. Our mind simply needs to be trained to think in a more positive way. Be positive and cheerful and the world around you will start changing. 

(3) Pose like a superhero 

Scientists now understand there is a higher amount of testosterone in leaders than in us common mortals. So, here’s a fail-proof way to increase those hormones and literally make yourself feel like a superhero. Stand straight with your head held high. Raise your arms up in the air and smile for two minutes. This technique is proven to help your body produce more of those confidence boosting hormones – something to think about when we spend half the day hunched over a keyboard.

(4) Rejuvenate, revitalise and refresh

It isn’t easy to take time out to rejuvenate when your to do list is longer than the Great Wall of China. However, taking time to refresh and switch off from the doom and gloom has guaranteed results not only when it comes to productivity but also in the way you approach your work. Think of all the things you enjoy doing – ringing a friend, taking a walk in a park, a body pump session at your local gym, savouring that oh-so-delicious nutty latte from your favourite coffee shop. Force yourself to look after you by planning time into your diary. Manage your time with the focus of a hawk. If you only invest 50% of yourself in what you set out to achieve, don’t expect 100% results. 

(5) Be the master controller of you 

 You’re responsible for what goes on in your head. Telling yourself that you aren’t confident enough, good enough or slim enough will only deter you from achieving the success you want. With personal experience, I can admit, it’s easily said than done. But being aware of your thoughts and continuously altering them is essential to not only yourself but also your business and your employees. 

(6) Have fun 

Yes, it’s not the most fun time of the year but that’s no excuse to stop having a good belly laugh. This will instantly lift your mood.

(7) Have a vision of the future 

Set your goals after careful thought. Not just New Year’s resolutions but ones that will actually come to fruition. Engage and teach your unconscious mind by really focusing on what you want, so much so that you can experience it. Replay that vision as many times as you want! Propel yourself forward by taking positive steps right now. The power of creative visualisation is vastly underrated. 

Julie Provino
Julie Provino

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