Marketing execs spend the most furnishing the workplace for their pets

Pets are part of the family but also many staff, given one in three Brits purchase office furniture for them

Marketing execs spend the most furnishing the workplace for their pets

Dogs are man’s best friend. And given Brits splash out £1,150 on pets overall annually, they’re possibly man and woman’s best investment. Now that saying may extend to best colleague after new research reveals the measures workers take to deck out their office for their furry companions.

Surveying 1,013 pet owners across Britain,, the interiors retailer, it was revealed one in three respondents buy pet furniture for their workplace. It also found workers spend £143 each year on decorating their workplace for their animals, while those in marketing are the biggest culprits  as the figure climbs to £162 for workers in the sector.

For the bare necessities, 38% chose pet beds to make it the most purchased item, followed by 32% that buy food bowls and 31% who bring pet blankets to the office. Additionally, 23% put money towards soft furniture for their pet’s relaxation and 20% invested in scratch posts for their felines to claw.

However, despite the commitment, only one in 20 section off an area for their pet, which may conjure up visions of rogue dog biscuits scattered through offices. But onboarding is still important to 4% of respondents, who admitted to slipping work uniforms on their little helpers – that’s one way to appease the boss.

Commenting on the findings, Mark Kelly, marketing manager at, said: “Pets are often considered part of the family, so it’s no surprise that pet owners are willing to invest in furniture to accommodate their pets and make them feel more comfortable in the office.

“The amount we spend as a nation on our pets has continued to increase year on year with a variety of products and services now on offer for pet parents and their fur babies – including gourmet food and drink, grooming services and pet accessories.”

Next time an employee strikes up conversation over how their cat should be allowed at work, it may not be long before you find yourself kitting out the cupboards with kibble. 

Angus Shaw
Angus Shaw

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