LinkedIn reveals why these companies are loved the most by their employees

Amazon, Apple and Alphabet are all among the top 25 companies most loved by British employees, according to LinkedIn

LinkedIn reveals why these companies are loved the most by their employees

For any enterprise the Holy Grail of success lies within the strength and willingness of devoted employees. And if you’re looking for inspiration on how to ensure you retain the best talent in your startup, a great way to start is by looking at the 25 UK companies with the most satisfied workers, according to LinkedIn.

Having looked at data from a period of 12 months ending this January, LinkedIn looked at the number of applicants companies received, how long workers stuck with a company and the level of engagement between employees and employers through LinkedIn’s community of over 546 million members.And it’s easy to see why ASOS, the online fashion store, claimed the top spot after it increased its headcount by 30% in 2017 and is looking to hire a further 1,000 employees this year. A core part of its success lies in incorporating long-service awards ranging from naming products after workers, financial rewards and extra time off.

Expectedly, the tech titans Facebook, Apple and Alphabet, which are all renowned for their lavish perks, also found themselves on the list. Moreover, five banks – Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase – also made the rundown. Indeed, the number of banks show financial services are a highly attractive industry in the UK.

And there a plenty of nuggets entrepreneurs can learn from the companies on the list when it comes to offering perks to woo staff members. Some benefits were quite traditional – like offering private medical insurance, free food and subsidised gym memberships. Others were  more unconventional like bring-your-dog-to-work policies, discounted family tickets for zoos and museums as well as Apple paying to freeze female employees’ eggs. 

Given the success of the brands on the list, it’s safe to say employee satisfaction is a top driving force behind what makes a business great. 

Angus Shaw
Angus Shaw

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