It’s highly likely your staff have got it on, as 66% confess to office romances

While many are tempted to glance at the new attractive colleague over their desks, many workplace relationships have led to resignations, according to a new survey

It’s highly likely your staff have got it on

Having a romantic tryst with your employees or catching your workers in a compromising position in the office toilet is not a new concept. However, while it may sound thrilling, workplace relationships aren’t all roses and employers must be aware about the negative consequences it has on their employees’ work performance when things get thorny and turn bitter.

Today, more Brits are seemingly willing to put in extra hours in the workplace just for some fun – the numbers say it all. According a report by job search engine Adzuna, which surveyed 1,000 professionals, 66% have had a romantic liaison with a colleague and 75% were open to the possibility of one. While 41% admitted to fantasising about an office romance, 28% of these were those with someone in a more powerful position. 

Indeed, it wasn’t only about finding love. Dating senior staff indeed has its benefits as 22% of those work romances were with the boss with 31% saying they profited from it professionally. It’s indeed a win-win situation for head honchos in this case as keeping your team happy makes them more productivewhich means making more bucks.

But while those dalliances might seem tempting, given the amount of time employees spend with each other at work, it didn’t always climax well. The report suggested that as a result, 59% of those involved in an office romance resigned eventually while 33% confessed to doing so because the relationship turned sour. This is why 18% of workplaces ban dating in the workplace. 

Commenting on the effect of workplace romances, Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said: “With the traditional office job evolving and fewer people physically in the office from nine to five, we were surprised to see just how many people in the UK still find love in the workplace. [But] workplace relationships should certainly be approached with caution.”

While it’s important for entrepreneurs to harbour a more relaxed attitude towards their employees, it’s wise to ensure this is done do without nurturing a sexist work environment where your staff feel uncomfortable. And if you can do that, then there’s no reason to stop yourself or your staff from having a bit more fun in the boardroom.

Louisa Cook
Louisa Cook

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