Charlie Mullins launches ‘feel good’ radio station focusing on positivity and laughs

There will strictly be no news bulletins on the show with fun, music, interviews and comedy.

Charlie Mullins launches ‘feel good’ radio station focusing on positivity and laughs

There will strictly be no news bulletins on the show with fun, music, interviews and comedy

Quite honestly there is way too much negativity in circulation right now and what better way than a radio station to flush it out? Charlie Mullins, the founder of Pimlico Plumbers tells me. Mr Mullins took over the nation with his highly successful plumbing business, Pimlico, which makes nearly £50 million in revenue a year. Last year, the mogul sold the business for over £125 million, with plans to venture into other areas of interest. Now, Charlie is dipping his toes in the world of media and entertainment. The London-based entrepreneur is launching his brand-new radio station, Great British Radio. Unlike other radio stations, this one comes with a twist. The radio station will focus strictly on ‘feel good’ tunes, interviews and comedy ‘ but there will be no news bulletins on the show. 

“We have become a country and a planet where there is so much doom and despair, climate change, Brexit, plus all the other wars… it goes on forever, Charlie tells me. I’m not saying that this stuff is new, of course not, but the way we’re all plugged into everything nowadays is a recipe for mass depression. 24-hour rolling news on TV and the internet is breaking people’s brains and we need to send out some soothing vibes to help them get a bit of rest. 

With the rise of social media and the news, we are constantly being fed information all day through our devices at lightning speed. And sometimes, it becomes addictive. We scroll mindlessly on our devices and intake tremendous amounts of information at one time ‘ and this can make us overstimulated. Charlie added: It’s not that the world is any worse than it was when I was a kid in the 60s and 70s, but everything is drilling into your head all the time. I’d say you can’t switch it off but of course, you can. The problem is that we have managed to get ourselves addicted to news and social media. So, what we need is an antidote. 

With Great British Radio, listeners can expect light-hearted interviews, music, comedy and fun snippets to listen to, which Charlie calls the ‘no bad news’ station. The idea is to take the best things about modern Britain and mix and chop them up so that every hour there’s a huge hodgepodge of interviews and music and comedy bits, Charlie added. The idea is that every hour people get to learn something, laugh at something and drift away with a great tune. That’s the formula, and what’s not part of the formula is all the news about death and disaster that we currently have to wade through every day. We are the no bad news station… if you want that stuff then walk on! 

Charlie prides himself on his positive outlook on life which has helped him tremendously in the world of business. According to Charlie, the two most important components of success are hard work and enthusiasm. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and training the mind to think positively can do wonders for your growth, he explained. I have always said that the two most important keys to success are hard work and enthusiasm, Charlie said. When employing for roles from recruiters to plumbers, legal advisors to call centre staff, the one thing I’ve always looked for is enthusiasm and the positive attitude that comes with it. 

Personally, when things aren’t going right in life or business I go and do a workout. It’s the best way to get yourself back into the right frame of mind, and the reason why when I owned Pimlico Plumbers I built a state-of-the-art gymnasium with all the best cardio and strength machines and equipment so that my staff could benefit from feeling their best at all times. So yes, I’m a huge believer in positivity, and that’s why I’m completely behind the Great British Radio concept – it’s all the positive vibes of a workout when you can’t get to the gym. 

The radio show will be hosted by former prime time Capital Gold and Smooth FM presenter, Mike Osman. Listeners will be entertained by a variety of exciting guests, including celebrities such as Chris Tarrant, Brian Conley, Lesley Joseph, Joe Pasquale and Harry Redknapp. Mike Osman said: “We’re all about great laughs, great guests and great music. There’s too much doom and gloom on the airwaves, so instead, we will be aiming to make our listeners laugh at least once every ten minutes.”  

Charlie plans to catapult Great British radio to become the most popular radio station across the country. In 5 years, we will be the most listened to radio station in the UK, that’s for sure. What I also think is, just like Pimlico, we will change the way other stations work, the London-based entrepreneur added. They will all still be second rate imitators but believe me GB Radio is going to remake the mould of what a radio station is supposed to be. 

Great British Radio is available on DAB+ in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, North London, Surrey, and South London – plus nationwide via radio player at greatbritishradio.

Latifa Yedroudj
Latifa Yedroudj

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