The power of social entrepreneurship

The world is so used to entrepreneurs building their wealth in the private sector, but there has recently been a shift in non- profit organisations and businesses teaming up to create a new form of entrepreneurial organisation.

The power of social entrepreneurship

The world is so used to entrepreneurs building their wealth in the private sector, but there has recently been a shift in non- profit organisations and businesses teaming up to create a new form of entrepreneurial organisation. These are being led by people who have a heart for making a massive social change. Social Entrepreneurs use business to generate profit and to change the world as we see it, with this hybrid of innovation, creativity and a traditional business model, they are leaving a greener footprint on the earth with every step that they take, and find fulfilment in creating cleaner and safer societies in which ever part of the world they are called to.

The benefits of being a social entrepreneur

There are many benefits to being a social entrepreneur. Some would say being able to run your own business and have creative control over how the companies implements change is an honour. Being able to use your skills to benefit a cause, appeals to the human in all of us. It also gives you the opportunity to build a career alongside doing the work that our world desperately needs. If we look at Vitae London for example, we’ve have been able to provide over 2,000 school uniforms and solar lamps throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, whilst building a successful online business. We can not forget that this is also what the people want!

Keeping social impact at the front of your business

It’s always amazing to see so many other companies starting out with the same ethos of changing lives from the ground up. It is so important to realise that there is so much work that can be done within the communities to help those less fortunate than us. Keeping the social impact at the front of your business nowadays is also extremely attractive to people all over the world. The consumer is becoming more and more aware of what goes into their products, if the materials are ethically sourced, and if the workers are being treated fairly. People are trying to make an active difference and want to see their money been put to good use. So as new businesses it is so important to have a business model that incorporates some if not all of these features, as it will be attractive to your customer whilst making a difference in the world.

However, it seems clear that the most rewarding part of being a social entrepreneur is providing the means to make a massive change in people’s lives around the world, and giving the less fortunate the skills and the tools to find their own purpose in life.

Innovative examples

Luckily enough, there are so many brands out there that are starting to keep social impact directly at the forefront of their business – an in such innovate ways. We’re always looking for new companies to support and build up around the world.  Here are a few that have incorporated social impact directly into their business models.

Vitae London sparked into a global family with social justice at the heart of everything we do. With each watch we sell we provide education and or solar lamps to children in Sub Saharan Africa. In providing education and safe lighting we are providing the right set of tools for the young people to get a better start in life. Encouraging education allows the children to have the skills to follow their dreams and begin to break the cycle of poverty that may have been surrounding them for generations.

Summo Snacks have landed a contract with Selfridges selling plantain-based hand cooked snacks. With each packet that is sold, it provides a meal for orphaned children in Nigeria. Clean water is a massive problem throughout Africa and there are companies such as

GiveMeTap who make reusable water bottles and with each bottle that is sold, it provides clean drinking water through their NGO partners for five years to someone living in Africa. This saves lives, from diseases that can be prevented by just having access to clean water, something that we may take for granted.

Another company that is making a massive difference in Ghana is Dapaah Chocolates who found the gap in the Cocoa market and realised that Ghana does not have a single chocolate brand that is internationally recognised, so they decided that the profit from their sales will go towards building a sustainable chocolate factory in rural Ghana providing, new jobs, opportunities and better wages for local cocoa farming communities. 

Kaleidoscope Beauty is a jewellery brand that provides jobs, training and an opportunity for a career, and a sustainable source of income, for people such as young mothers to reformed criminals giving them the right tools to break themselves out of the harsh realities of the slums, they may live in.
From bespoke jewellery and handmade items to snacks and reusable water bottles they have taken things that we use, eat and wear on a day-to-day basis, to make a direct impact on the communities that truly need it.


With this inclusive business strategy, we know our purchases have more of an impact than just to satisfy ourselves, they change lives for the better. These companies and many more have begun to bridge the gaps in our worlds and take on the problems that can only be solved if we work together as one people. 

Will Adoasi
Will Adoasi

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