What I learned about partnerships: be a BOSS

Lessons about celebrating inclusivity from Atlanta's entrepreneurial spirit

What I learned about partnerships: be a BOSS

Embrace the unpredictable: I could never have guessed that five years after setting up Swoop, I would be on my way to the USA to address a dynamic platform empowering women of colour in business. BOSS Network stands for “Bringing Out Successful Sisters,” connecting women entrepreneurs in the heart of Atlanta’s thriving business scene. Attending was not just an opportunity to represent Swoop; it was a powerful reminder of how networking and community engagement are crucial in achieving the potential of individuals and businesses. 

The experience reinforced my belief in the significance of collaborations and the limitless opportunities that arise when businesses actively participate in their communities.

The occasion in Atlanta became even more meaningful against the backdrop of Swoop’s recent partnership with global accounting software company Sage, a collaboration that embodies the spirit of innovation and shared growth. This partnership isn’t merely about financial transactions; it’s about how businesses, when united, can create waves of positive change, both economically and socially.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in the business of finance and Sage is in the business of tracking every last penny. But business success means more than making a few people rich. At their best, businesses enrich whole communities – and beyond. Here are some of the things I took away from the event that add value you can’t put a price on: 

The event was a powerful reminder of the importance of strategic alliances

Collaborating with organisations like BOSS Network and Sage has been pivotal in reshaping how we think about business partnerships. It’s not just about what we can achieve as individual entities; it’s about the collective impact we can make by joining forces. Business is often presented as a zero sum game of winners and losers; the truth is there are plenty of win-win opportunities out there if you actively look for them. 

Being a part of events like BOSS Network reinforces our commitment to community engagement

I have seen first hand how businesses thrive when they actively participate in their communities, whether that’s sourcing local suppliers, providing work experience opportunities for young people or using their resources to create positive change. These engagements not only offer opportunities for networking but also remind us of the real people and lives that our services impact.

Events like BOSS Network highlight the diversity within the business world

Embracing this diversity is not just a social responsibility; it’s a strategic advantage. Diverse perspectives fuel creativity and innovation, essential elements in today’s rapidly evolving markets. From an online shop run at the kitchen table to a thriving downtown restaurant to a real estate business, the diversity of businesswomen I met in Atlanta showed that you can’t make assumptions about what a black female-led business will look like.  

Attending the BOSS Network event was a call to action

It reinforced my commitment to ensuring that Swoop empowers businesses globally. As leaders, we have a responsibility not just to our shareholders but to the broader community. By empowering businesses, we contribute to the economic and social fabric of the regions we serve.

My experience in Atlanta has reignited my passion for what we do at Swoop. It reaffirmed my belief that businesses can be forces for good, driving positive change and fostering inclusive growth. As we continue our journey, inspired by the connections made and lessons learned at the event, we are more determined than ever to enable businesses to thrive, not just within their boardrooms but in the hearts of the communities they touch. Achieving that is surely the very definition of “good business”. 

Andrea Reynolds
Andrea Reynolds

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