Used car or a new one?

And the smart move is to purchase a 'used car,' say industry experts KAP Motor Group who outline their reasons in this article.

Used car or a new one?

And the smart move is to purchase a ‘used car,’ say industry experts KAP Motor Group who outline their reasons in this article.

We’ve all experienced the moment when we have to make a decision on buying a replacement vehicle, or purchasing one for the first time. For some, it may not be an immediate requirement, and is a decision that can be made at our leisure. For others, perhaps following an accident or a major mechanical or electrical failure, the need is more pressing. Most of us probably arrive at this point many times in our lives. But the big question usually is: Shall I purchase a brand new car or a used one?

We at KAP Motor Group will give you our opinions on how to solve your car conundrum:

‘Ask any car guru and they’ll usually tell you to go for a used car, as opposed to buying a brand new one. Here are three good reasons why.

Set a realistic budget

Unless you have money to burn, you’ll most probably be on a budget, and in today’s financial climate most of us probably are. Don’t spend all of your hard earned cash on buying an expensive car. The more you can save, the more you can leave in the bank ‘ gaining at least a small amount of interest!

Search for a car in good condition

First of all decide what percentage of your savings you are happy to spend on a vehicle ‘ or how much you are comfortable paying in monthly instalments. You’ll soon discover that most new cars are probably not for you because they fall outside of your budget. But when you start checking the ‘used car market,’ you’ll suddenly start feeling more cheerful about life and this will probably put a spring in your step as you begin your search for a replacement car or van. You’ll notice an immediate increase in the number of available cars, which fall into your budget bracket. Sometimes a slightly used car in mint condition is the jackpot we are all searching for. A car that’s been loved by its previous owner or owners, is the ideal one to buy.

Lower costs and taxes

It’s also important to remember that the lower the price of purchase, the less you’ll have to pay out on insurance and sales tax. Money saved in this department means more to spend on car maintenance or even a modern Wi-Fi system.

One or two other points are worth making as well. There are certainly some added benefits for purchasing a used car from a dealership. First, you don’t necessarily have to cover the cost by putting down a large lump sum but rather you can make smaller payments in instalments. Some dealers offer good re-payment plans, while others accept part-exchange deals. These cars are pre-inspected, thus providing greater buyer protection along with warranties.’

KAP Motors, which have used car outlets in Kent and Sussex, have a huge range of luxury, eco-friendly and standard vehicles in stock.

You can buy used Nissan Cars from KAP Motors at competitive local rates. Check them out online or call them on 01273 748484 for further details.


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