Revealing the top 25 UK towns and cities to work in

Surprisingly, London didn’t even make the cut when Glassdoor ranked the best 25 British locations for employees

Revealing the top 25 UK towns and cities to work in

Martin Freeman may have left his role in The Office behind, but the hometown of the ficitonal company is still on Glassdoor’s list.

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Today, when thinking of the best cities and towns to work in, you may think London would claim the top spot. However, you’d be wrong. In fact, new research reveals that the Big Smoke isn’t even in the top 25 list of the best locations to work in.

Having looked at factors like how easy it is to find a job, living costs and employee satisfaction, Glassdoor, the job and recruitment site, has revealed that the best place to work in Britain is Slough. While the town may have a rough reputation with a surprisingly low life-expectancy and for being the home of the TV programme The Office, it has again topped the list because of its consistently high employee satisfaction and huge number of jobs available. The list also included a few newcomers like Gloucester and Chelmsford.

Commenting on the list, Amanda Stansell, economic research analyst at Glassdoor, said: “While several of the towns and cities highlighted in this report may be surprising, many are experiencing growing local economies, complete with a healthy dose of new job prospects and strong home affordability. Plus, employees working in these areas often find themselves quite satisfied in their jobs. In turn, this can benefit local employers as UK studies show a correlation between high employee satisfaction and better business performance.”

The list is shown to be as followed: 

1. Slough 

2. Gloucester

3. Cambridge

4. Reading

5. Guildford

6. Stoke-on-trent

7. Manchester

8. Derby

9. Bolton

10. Chelmsford

11. Oxford

12. Blackburn

13. Swindon

14. Nottingham

15. Birmingham

16. Coventry

17. Belfast

18. Leeds

19. Liverpool

20. Norwich

21. Southampton 

22. Bristol

23. Aberdeen

24. Preston

25. Falkirk 

Whilst it’s clear that some of these cities are doing something right, it’s evident some of the cities missing from this list must up their game if they wish to make next year’s.

Abbie Jukes
Abbie Jukes

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