Let’s get Sajid and Rishi in No.10 and 11 and get on with running the country

So, the inevitable has happened, Boris Johnson, the once 'Minister for Have I Got News for You', who stepped up to take the country's top job in 2019, is no more.

Let’s get Sajid and Rishi in No.10 and 11 and get on with running the country

So, the inevitable has happened, Boris Johnson, the once ‘Minister for Have I Got News for You’, who stepped up to take the country’s top job in 2019, is no more. However, unlike the parrot from the famous Monty Python sketch, he’s not quite bereft of life yet.

Boris is like a bad comedian who won’t get off the stage even after the audience have chucked all their rotten tomatoes. But leave the stage he must for all our goods, and if the current Tory rules allow him to milk a long goodbye and stay on as PM for another three or four months then they need to be changed immediately.

In a world where words and pictures are sent around the world in a split second and businesses have to pivot quickly on a sixpence as they anticipate market forces, the process to pick a new PM is too slow. We’ve got to wait till 5th September for the winner to be announced, which will be a whole summer of infighting and backstabbing.  With all the will in the world, the running of the country will take a back seat, which will be to the detriment to the economy and society.

After the emotion of the last week there is no doubt that Boris no longer has any credibility left to lead his party or the country. Why he wants to drag out his departure I don’t know, but part of me wonders if despite his ‘resignation’ speech Boris still harbours hopes of a comeback. Whether that’s by not leaving or, as recent reports suggest, he’ll wait for his successor to fail before making a Lazarus-style return, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

If the 1922 Committee pulled its finger out, then it definitely wouldn’t be the former because he wouldn’t have a chance to build himself a den in a nicely wallpapered room in Downing Street. Once the sitting tenant has been moved on we can get on with choosing a leader who can bring the Tory Party and the country back together.

The man I think would be perfect for the job has to be Sajid Javid. He’s a good political operator who has proven more than once that he is prepared to put his principles ahead of advancing his career. After all the Pincher and Partygate lies we don’t just need someone who wasn’t involved we need someone who has shown he doesn’t need an ethics advisor to decide between right and wrong.

And when it comes to sorting out the massive economic storm that is heading straight for us and every country in the world it seems to me the best man for the job is the bloke whose resignation, along with Sajid’s, kicked this all off, the now ex-Chancellor, Rishi Sunak.

He is completely up to speed on what’s going on, and it seems judging by the timings of their resignations, is already working with my choice for PM.

Undoubtedly the events of early July have been momentous and a shock to the system, but there’s no reason why losing the CEO to a boardroom coup needs to throw the entire operation into chaos. As I say, the frustrating thing is that in politics the systems for getting a new leader are so bloody longwinded. I get that there needs to be an element of democracy involved, but it doesn’t need to take months.

We know who the candidates are, so let them come forward and can someone please choose the best one and let’s get on with it!! Politics has a lot to learn from business, and this is one lesson that needs to sink in very quickly!

Charlie Mullins
Charlie Mullins

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