In the loop: Apple employs trafficking victims, FTSE 350 urged to source more female board members and Facebook blamed for unethical PR tactics

Check out our roundup of the biggest business news. Learn how Apple leads tech companies in the fight against modern slavery, why employees drag their feet at work and how Zuckerberg defended himself against accusations of using anti-semitic PR tactics

In the loop: Apple employs trafficking victims


Apple to employ trafficking survivors to eradicate slavery in its supply chain 

Tech titans are under increasing pressure to tackle child labour and other human rights abuse. For instance, Amnesty International has criticised companies like Microsoft, Lenovo and Renault for not doing enough to fight these issues in their cobalt battery supply chains Fortunately, it seems like Apple is providing a great example of how they can do more.

The tech giant won The Stop Slavery Award by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, a recognition for the concerted effort it has taken to stop slavery and to rid it from its supply chain. Furthermore, the trillion dollar company announced a programme to help human trafficking victims get jobs at its stores.

Hopefully other tech companies will draw inspiration from Apple to tackle the epidemic of modern slavery.

Government urges FTSE 350 firms to do more to boost equality in their boards

Whether it’s starting a business or getting a promotion, women undoubtedly face more professional challenges than men. While things are improving, a quarter of FTSE 350 companies have only one woman on their boards, the government reveals. 

According to the figures published in the Hampton-Alexander Review’s 2018 report, female board membership has grown by 12.5% since 2011. However, the government review encouraged the 350 biggest UK businesses to ensure half of the new board positions must be taken by women over the next two years to ensure they meet the target of a third of women in senior leadership positions by 2020.

Indeed, action is required now to end all-male boards and entrepreneurs must elevate their endeavours towards equality. 

Facebook accused of smearing George Soros 

This year has been a roller-coaster ride for Mark Zuckerberg and it’s not getting any better. The social media network was called out on Wednesday 14 November when a New York Times exposé revealed that Facebook had allegedly hired the PR agency Definers Public Affairs,to discredit its detractors, linking them to George Soros, a Jewish philanthropist who is often at the centre of antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Zuckerberg respondedby saying that neither he nor COO Sheryl Sandberg were aware about Definers’ actions, that he only learned about him after the exposé was published and that Facebook would no longer work with the company.

The company has already been in the public’s crosshairs due to various scandals. This latest incident won’t do The Zuck any favours as he tries to get back on people’s good side.

A third of Brit professionals “coasting” due to unhappiness at work

Blightly has been increasingly suffered from slumping employee productivity. And it seems unhappiness may be a key driver behind why workers achieve less.

In a report by Barnett Waddingham, the risk assessment company, only 36% of 3,000 employees surveyed were happy at work and 32% workers admitted to dragging their feet at work as a result of their dissatisfaction. The key cause of this unhappiness was purposelessness. While only 47% coasters felt their job is meaningful to them and that they add value, more than 60% said their employer doesn’t make the best use of their skills. Consequentially, 41% considered leaving their job within the next 12 months.

Given how expensive recruiting new talent is, retaining good employees requires more effort by employers. And head honchos must prioritise their team’s wellbeing before profits.

Number of orgasms are directly proportionate to your employees’ productivity 

A study by LELO UK, the sex and intimacy brand, said if your employees climax more in bed, they perform better at work which can increase your profits. In fact, it could even add  £90bn to the economy. Now that’s a happy ending for everyone involved. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more

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