Growth Britain initiative is taken to Number 10

Round table discussion with Lord Young presents solutions to areas that have curbed growth of British enterprise

Growth Britain initiative is taken to Number 10

A problem shared is a problem halved but when you involve a whole nation, one can hope to reach to the solution even quicker.

Thanks to the Prelude Group, the entrepreneurs’ organisation, and perhaps our favourite Lord, Lord Young, the British public have the opportunity to help steer the future of British enterprise.

Following on from Prelude’s Growth Britain campaign, Lord Young and senior officials from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) recently hosted a select group of entrepreneurs at Number 10, giving them the opportunity to present their ideas and solutions to the issues facing business owners and British enterprise.

The entrepreneurs were singled out from others contributors on the Growth Britain website where visitors are able to comment, vote and contribute their own ideas on how to positively shape the British enterprise landscape, as well as challenge the ideas of others.

The initiative, which was launched with the support of Lord Young last year, aims to source viable ideas and solutions that can help accelerate Britain’s economy – giving your average Joe entrepreneur and the general public a chance to have a say in future enterprise policy.

The Growth Britain site gained thousands of views within the first few weeks of launch, with some of the most popular ideas including the introduction of tax relief and/or other incentives for those with saleable businesses, encouraging successful entrepreneurs to start new businesses quicker upon exit and reinventing careers guidance to focus on skills development and creating more collaborative connections between young and entrepreneurial businesses.

“It’s easy to spot what’s not working, far harder to see what might be done to help drive growth. The response to this campaign has been amazing,” said Duncan Cheatle, CEO of Prelude Group. “The range of practicable ideas and solutions that have been proposed has been fantastic and I am confident that some might steer future policy.”

The future is in our hands and it would seem that many are taking that responsibility very seriously. Good on ’em! 

Dara Jegede
Dara Jegede

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