Dettol partners with Cleaned Up to offer small businesses free hand sanitiser dispensers

As UK businesses look to reopen soon, Dettol joins forces with CleanedUp to help them stay hygienically clean.

Dettol partners with Cleaned Up to offer small businesses free hand sanitiser dispensers

As UK businesses look to reopen soon, Dettol joins forces with CleanedUp to help them stay hygienically clean.

Did you know that around two-thirds of consumers are spending less and less time in shops for fear of being infected by Covid-19? And that 60% are particularly concerned about hygiene every time they leave their homes.

According to a survey undertaken by Remesh in 2020, 65% of shoppers do not simply want to be there, while a study showed that 91% of consumers expect business owners to implement efficient hygiene safety measures. This is all very worrying data for those involved in the retail sector. But the good news for those who have retail outlets in the UK is that well-known brand Dettol has signed a deal with another huge name in the world of hygiene ‘ CleanedUp

CleanedUp, who are part of the brand, dispense easy to install sanitising products. And this new partnership with Dettol will offer businesses access to hygiene merchandise, free hand sanitiser or wipe dispensers, along with enhanced cleaning training materials. Great news at a time when Coronavirus concerns continue to rumble on.

With the UK’s high streets eagerly waiting for the Government to loosen current lockdown restrictions, the news that Dettol and CleanedUp have joined forces should help business owners who will want to reassure wary shoppers that their premises are hygienically clean for welcoming customers.

Those businesses which sign up with CleanedUp on their website ( will be able to buy Dettol hygiene kits that contain a wide range of disinfectant product solution. They will also be able to choose between free Dettol hand sanitiser or wipe dispensers. As part of this program, UK businesses will receive enhanced cleaning guidelines as well as Dettol branded signage. These include floor and door stickers, aimed at giving customers confidence that the business is taking all hygiene concerns seriously.

Hugo Tilmouth, CEO of CleanedUp, said: We are delighted to agree a deal with Dettol, such a well-known household name in the UK. These simple and easy to use sanitisation solutions are just what businesses need right now, in order to satisfy consumer expectations. 

We have worked closely with Dettol to understand the needs of UK businesses. Our knowledge of hygiene solutions, together with Dettol‘s products, has proved to effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria and Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). This is a great package of hygiene measures to help businesses get back up and running in 2021.

This new partnership is the latest in a series of initiatives announced by Dettol during the last 12 months. The company donated 161,000 care packages to NHS frontline workers, while also providing sanitisation stations for shoppers in more than 650 Asda stores. They have worked with Transport for London (TfL) to improve sanitation across the tube and rail network. During the same period, CleanedUp has also worked with TfL and the NHS, along with other brands in the UK’s travel, leisure and hospitality sectors.

Jonathan Weiss, Commercial Director at Reckitt Benckiser (Europe & ANZ), added: Businesses around the country will be planning on the best ways to reopen with a focus on ensuring a hygienically clean environment. As a brand whose mission is to help break the chain of infection, Dettol wants to offer UK businesses access to hygiene solutions. This £1m partnership investment by Dettol will provide small and medium sized businesses access to free hand sanitiser and wipes’ dispensers, as well as disinfectant products.

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About Dettol

Dettol started out in hospitals 86 years ago as a medicine used for cleaning and disinfecting surgical tools to protect mothers from illness following childbirth. Trusted around the world for cleaning wounds, some of Dettol‘s other products are powerful enough to use for environmental germ-killing tasks. Although Dettol began life by helping to prevent infection and sickness in hospitals, the brand’s mission was always much bigger, aiming to keep people sanitised everyday of their lives. Dettol pledges to do more for families across the world, by going into schools to teach children the importance of handwashing, while providing hygiene starter kits for new parents.

About Reckitt Benckiser (RB)

RB manufactures household brands that are used in more than 190 countries, thanks to products such as Nurofen, Strepsils, Gaviscon, Durex, Scholl, Clearasil, Dettol, Harpic, Vanish and Air Wick. They sell 20 million products globally every day. For more information visit

About CleanedUp

Based in the UK, CleanedUp provides a range of hand sanitising solutions that are easy to install and simple to use. CleanedUp has delivered over 55,000 sanitiser dispensers to companies including Transport for London, Network Rail, and the NHS. Their products are perfect for public areas such as retail, pubs, cafes and receptions. A pump will need to be refilled after 2,500 uses. For more information visit:

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