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Sad news founders: most Gen Z marketers don’t want to work for your startup

Written by Yoana Cholteeva on Monday, 20 August 2018. Posted in HR, People, Sales & Marketing

If you want to pump up your startup’s marketing muscles with a Gen Z whiz kid you’ll have a huge challenge ahead of you, according to new research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Sad news founders: most Gen Z marketers don’t want to work for your startup

Looking for a great candidate to join your startup’s marketing team? Well, it may be more difficult than you think. In fact, few young marketers would like to join a new venture, according to new research by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Having surveyed 500 youngsters aged between 17 and 19, the researchers found that 41% desire a job in the marketing field. However, 64% of budding Gen Z marketers would like to work in a multinational and 28% would opt for a job at a well-developed British company. In fact, only 11% wanted a job at a startup, which was less than the 12% who’d like to work for an SME. Additionally, 44% of wannabe-marketing professionals would prioritise a high salary position and only 33% said the same about a job that helps people.

Commenting on the findings, Chris Daly, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, said: “We shouldn’t be surprised, in the current economic climate, that young people are prioritising job security in big established firms. These young people have grown up during an extended economic downturn, so it may be that the stability and job security of large successful firms is what appeals to them most."

It seems that unless startups and SMEs can fork out job security and high salaries, then finding Gen Z marketing professionals could be a huge hurdle to overcome for them. 

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