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Mind over matter? Manage your mindset to achieve business success

Written by Sandro Forte on Monday, 24 February 2020. Posted in Leadership, People

The New Year came and went, as I’m sure did most of your New Year business resolutions and positive intentions to make meaningful changes.

Mind over matter? Manage your mindset to achieve business success

The New Year came and went, as I’m sure did most of your New Year business resolutions and positive intentions to make meaningful changes. But is it too late to achieve your goals for the year? And why does this happen, year on year?

Whatever your status in business, and whatever time of the year, any form of self or professional development requires one key ingredient: mindset.

We are often prevented from achieving our true potential by having a disconnect between our skillset and our experience where, often, just one single negative belief about our lack of skill or capability can impact our entire career.

Sandro Forte, Founder and CEO, Forte Financial Group explains what makes a winning mindset that’s needed to succeed

Lack of self-belief

If you don’t believe in yourself and your capability to succeed, the chances of you maintaining any form of New Year’s Resolution drops considerably. This applies to any goal, big or small, be it sports, business or health, where self-belief is imperative to success.

You can have as many measures or reminders in place to help you stick to something, but without genuinely believing it to be possible, you’re bound to fail from the start. The good news is that self-belief is something that can be learnt, developed and honed.

Commitment issues

When you decide to make a change and create a New Year’s resolution, it’s important to commit to it.

However, if it’s not a goal that you genuinely want to achieve, you won’t commit to it – simple as that. Therefore, when making your resolutions, think about the things you genuinely want to excel in and commit to them, not things you think you should commit to, as the outcome won’t be positive.


Procrastination is your worst enemy. How many times have you thought or heard “I’ll do it tomorrow”, knowing full well you won’t commit to it or complete it then either, particularly if it is something challenging.

Borne of a fear of failure and lack of self-worth, procrastination can be a vicious cycle and one that is hard to break out of. To get through this, it’s important to understand why you procrastinate. The key to overcoming procrastination is mindset and in conditioning your mindset for success, you will not only develop strong beliefs in your capability and self-worth, but you will also recognise when you procrastinate and implement strategies to overcome it.

Lack of mental toughness

Sticking to and achieving a resolution is no easy task, and one which will present multiple obstacles to overcome. When times get hard, it’s important to maintain a strong mindset and stay determined, ensuring you don’t throw in the towel. Persistence is one of the most important tools in your arsenal; when you slip up or catch yourself getting lax, it’s important to persist on your journey to achieving your goal. Don’t let the occasional lapse become a habit – anything which could become a “slippery slope” needs to be a blip. Address what happened, why it happened and put preventative measures in place to stop it happening again.

By staying committed to your goals, persisting and believing in yourself, you can make sure that you are part of an elite club – the 8% of people who achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Now that’s something to be proud of, right?

About the Author

Sandro Forte

Sandro Forte

Wealth Manager, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Personal Development Coach

Sandro Forte is an experienced and respected Advisor for high net worth, celebrities and influential individuals. Having developed his own successful and industry leading wealth management practice, Forte Financial Group, Sandro has become an authority on personal development and peak performance and has since developed his own suite of success masterclasses delivered to 300,000 clients across the UK and overseas.

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