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Why employees at big companies are taking a sick day three times more often than small firms

Written by Yoana Cholteeva on Thursday, 05 July 2018. Posted in HR, People

Calling in sick? It happens to everyone. But what makes employees at organisation with over 250 people more likely to need it?

Why employees at big companies are taking a sick day three times more often than small firms

Every employer recognises that staff sometimes need to take a sick day. But it seems that bigger companies struggle with absentee employees more than smaller ones. That’s according to new research from Group Risk Development (GRiD), the industry body for the group risk protection sector.

The report revealed that firms with more than 250 employees can see their staff take on average 7.5 days off per year. That’s compared to SMEs with between one and nine employees that annually only take 2.8 days off work. Although, 5% admitted that they don’t really record when staff aren’t at work, a number that rose to 6% for SMEs and dropped to just 1% for bigger firms. This surprisingly means that nearly 300,000 companies across the UK do not have an absence monitoring system.

Still, 55% of large businesses believe they have a higher sickness absence rate than their industry average, with 25% of these justifying that with ineffective absence management. So, this is raising the question why companies are not doing more to resolve the sick leave issue.

For founder and entrepreneurs who are building their business from the ground up, they cannot afford employees being unduly absent from work. That’s why it’s so important that they implement good records so that they can at least have a better control over their figures.

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